The series "9" is a development of the models "7". It is recommended for anglers with higher requirements.The relatively small sizes cause that these models are popular amongst anglers, who want to have a bigger choice of fishing traces in their arsenal.

  • External dimensions 160x240x46mm
  • The upper platform contains 9 pins for hooklengths with the length of 15 or 20 cm
  • The lower platform contains 9 pins for hooklengths with the length of  8 cm and 9 bars for hooklengths with the length of 10 cm or 9 bars for fishing traces with the length of 20 cm
  • Material: alder or birch wood
  • external coating: 2x base color, 4x external varnish with UV filters
  • Inside: impregnated, made of cork
  • Brass rods: for hooks Φ1.2mm

For the loop Φ 1.6mm

  • Indicator for the length of hooklengths  8, 10, 15, 20 cm
  • Accessories: latches, hinges covered with two layers of external coating (corrosion protection)
  • Optional possibility of closing using neodymium magnets
  • Colors: dark walnut, green, red, black, blue
  • Tables: laminated ones for description of the thickness of fishing lines and sizes of hooks; the descriptions can be easily made and removed, while needed, colors of the descriptions: green, yellow, and blue

 Price: 29 EURO



13 /8-20 Competition