Kit boxes

We would like to offer you a series of boxes for float kits and other fishing accessories. Beautifully and carefully decorated in different colors: red, green, black and navy blue.

The first series is designed for kits of floats of small weights.

  • The box hight is 30 mm
  • External dimensions: length 41cm x width 28.5 cm x hight 12 cm
  • Internal dimensions: length 39 cm x width 26.5 cm x hight 2.8 cm
  • Internal dimensions of the cover: length 39 cm x width 26.5 cm x hight 1.9 cm
  • Boxes for storing kits with disks are being prepared.
  • The box hight is 60 mm

As an option, we offer special foam which holds racks and prevent movement of sets.

It is made of micro-rubber with adhesive tape (it sticks to the surface very good)