S-box 24/10-20 Panorama

Thecomments and feedback of our customers are a great source of inspiration for new solutions, which meet expectations of the most demanding anglers such as professional anglers participating in competitions. It is for them that we have created the S-box “Panorama”. The possibilities of this box are remarkable. The layout of the strips has been designed to enable storing hooklengths sorted according to personal needs or preferences. The three most popular lengths of hooklengths amongst competitors using the pole fishing are 10,15 and 20cm. The hooklengths can be segregated in such a way that it will be easy and fast to find the correct one. During competitions, when time is extremely limited, you can open your box and have a full insight into your arsenal of hooklengths. One model of a hook on several different neighboring rods, but with different lengths or with different thicknesses of fishing lines, is a wonderful idea for professionals. A change of the fishing variant or a change of the bait presentation method – you can quickly open the box and locate the right hooklengths. It is an easy solution and very effective one. Assuming that you will put 20 hooks on one rod then you have 480 hooklengths with the length form 10 up to 20 cm on the lower platform and also 480 hooklengths on the upper platform. All together 960 fishing traces. With the hooklengths stored in this way, you can say that you are a professional.

  • External dimensions (length x width x height) 38 x 24 x 4,6 cm
  • The upper platform contains 24 pins for hooklengths with the length of 15, 20 cm
  • The lower platform contains 24 pins for hooklengths with the length of 10, 15, 20 cm
  • Material: alder or birch wood
  • external coating: 2x base color, 4x external varnish with UV filters
  • Inside: impregnated, made of cork
  • Brass rods: for hooks Φ1.2mm

                       For the loop Φ 1.6mm

  • Indicator for the length of hooklengths 10,15, 20 c
  • Accessories: hinges covered with two layers of external coating (corrosion protection)
  • Closing using neodymium magnets
  • Colors: dark walnut, green, red, black, blue
  • Tables: laminated ones for description of the thickness of fishing lines and sizes of hooks; the descriptions can be easily made and removed, while needed, colors of the descriptions: green, yellow, and blue

Price: 61 EURO