The box designed for professional anglers fishing bleaks. The layout of strips has been designed for arranging the fishing traces in a line. This solution provides a very good view and quick access to the appropriate hooklengths.

Unquestionable advantage of the box is that the bleak hooks with a stopper prevent movement of a worm, are securely placed on a rod and do not brush against one another. Who has used the wallet known to all of us knows what happens to stoppers over time. Certainly we think about the ones which are made of two-component resign glue.

It is the best solution and is used by the best professional anglers specializing in fishing bleaks.

There is no such problem in our box.

Everyone, who fishes bleaks professionally, knows that the time is the determinant of the result, which is achieved during such competitions.

The additional operations should be limited to the minimum. Bleak competitions are “pure mathematics”. While catching several fishes per minute, any loss of time spent on activities related to the change of the bait affects the final result. While designing “Ablette”, we took into account characteristics, which should distinguish this box. Due to construction of the hook and the stopper, one rod can accommodate approx. 6-7 fishing traces. If you fill in the whole box, you can store.

  • External dimensions 240x145x46mm
  • The upper platform contains 14 pins for fishing hooklengths with the length of 8 or 10 cm
  • The lower platform contains 14 pins for hooklengths with the length of 8 or 10cm
  • Material: alder or birch wood
  • external coating: 2x base color, 4x external varnish with UV filters
  • Inside: impregnated, made of cork
  • Brass rods: for hooks Φ1.2mm

For the loop Φ 1.6mm

  • Indicator for the length of hooklengths  8,10 cm
  • Accessories: hinges covered with two layers of external coating (corrosion protection)
  • closing using neodymium magnets
  • Colors: dark walnut, green, red, black, blue
  • Tables: laminated ones for description of the thickness of fishing lines and sizes of hooks; the descriptions can be easily made and removed, while needed, colors of the descriptions: green, yellow, and blue

Price: 30 EURO